$31.99 12000 rpm MPH Blue LED Backlight Digital Signal LCD Odometer Speedometer Tachometer 199 kmh for Motorcycle Custom Cruiser Café Racer

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Jeemitery Treadmill
Parameter settings
1.Getting into the setup menu, first trun the key off, press and hold the button on the back and then turn the key on. Keep pressing until you see CCC— on the screen(interface 1).
2.You need to change the CCC— to CCC123, which is a passcode to get in to the programming. Short press to increase the value, and long press to move to the next digit. After that, you can see the frequency value setting interface(interface 2).
3.You need to adjust value F03.4 to calibrate the speedometer.The higher the number, the slower the actual readout is on the speedo. You should adjust the frequency according to your wheel. Such as,on a wheel with 81.375″ circumference, and six magnets on the wheel, frequency is F08.0 .
4.Long press the button to save and exit.
5.On the interface 2, you can see cylinder speed “y2”,2 means 2 cylinders.On the right of the “y2”,you can see 1 or 5 witch means the fuel level senson is 2 wires or 3 wires
Plug wire color description:
Violet black: speed
Black: the anode
Light blue: right turn
Dark Blue: beam instructions
Orange: left turn
Yellow and white: neutral
Brown: Small Night Light
Red: positive power supply electric door locks come in positive
Light green pink:1 file
Light green brown:2 file
Light green green: 3 file
Light green yellow: 4 file
Light green black: 5 file
Light green blue: 6 file
Green black:Negative (ground)
Blue white: Oil line
Kilometer and miles switch(Press and hold the button behind the gauge in 3 seconds),Fits for most motorcycle that is with 4 stroke, 2 / 4 Cylinders (default as 1 cylinder of the setting) and 8-22 inch wheel
Multiple indicator functions as the L/R Turn Signal, High Beam, Position Lights, N Lights,Digital display speed range: 0-123.6MPH(199KM/h) (error +10%); Needle display rpm range: 0-12000rpm (error +5%)
Waterproof, shockproof, anti-lightning,Resistance to high pressure: instant can withstand voltage 100V.Working voltage : 8-18V; Rated voltage: DC 12V; Gear indicator: 1-6; Backlight: Blue
On the back button switch mileage subtotal.LED display fuel level, low fuel warnning and blinkerin.Adjustable wheel perimeter.Fits for all style motorcycle (1/2/4 Cylinders motorcycle)
Note:1.The default is 1 cylinder,if you set to 2 or 4 cylinder,it can not be changed to 1cylinder !!!! 2.The rpm could not work if your motorcycle is “Kawasaki” and “Regal Raptor” with Electronic injection engine.3.The purple black wire of this item is the rpm wire, it should be connected with the positive rigger line of the igniter.

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